♉ d i s t r i c t R E D ♎

Olku and Neko would like to introduce the AU world and the characters.

Please welcome: Katzu and Fuyoko.

Olku wins battle with her TS3 game! Woo-hoo!
Decided to move them to another house. But before this I made some screenshots and then they moved! I was so excited! For now they’re living in awesome house, but I forgot its creator.
And Katzu has changed his job! For now he started music career. My little boy, he’s so mature ❤
And this little cute redhead Fuyu is working in gastronomy. Lovely!
As you can see, I changed their apperance in CAS, because they looked like dolls. For now I think they look much better.
Katzu - fashion victim lmao. And thank you so much for following our blog! We’re so happy! And we’ll add more stuff with them and maybe with other Sims we made!
Have a nice day, my friends! ☼

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