♉ d i s t r i c t R E D ♎

Olku and Neko would like to introduce the AU world and the characters.

Please welcome: Katzu and Fuyoko.

A little break?

Hi guys! It’s been a while. But I have a bit sad message - we need a hiastus. I think so, because I work now and it takes me almost all of my time. The same situation have my sweetie Olku. Even a worse one, because she has the Internet only in her phone. I think we will post you some screens as soon as we could - maybe next week. It depends when I will find some time to play my little buddies. Hope you will check it soon :D!

Bye for now, Neko ♥


I love you all. Bye. ❤

❤district-redolku-sannekoshi-chansimblri just love you guys ok byei love you alli'm seroius ok

Everything goes good: the lot, the climat, the sofa, the couple ♥

Clothes, lots and etc: #leahlillith #jinglestartk #missfortunesims #pixicat

Oh yea…Katzu and his drunken fantasy. I think it’s kind of cute.

Clothes, lots and etc: #leahlillith #jinglestartk #missfortunesims #pixicat

When you take your girlfriend to game saloon and she plays worse than you.

Clothes, lots and etc: #leahlillith #jinglestartk #missfortunesims #pixicat

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